Team Blend Roundtable 2

If someone tells you that they willingly use Internet Explorer over all other browsers, how do you react?

Featuring special guest Danny Mann, James Mann’s brother, and the most technologically sophisticated contributor to this round table, whose wealth of knowledge and experience allow him to approach this question reasonably, without resorting to outdated assumptions and misinformation.

James: I would ask them to list the other browsers they know of. If this person is able to name ANY other existing browser, I inform them that it is better than the one they currently use. I’ll recommend Chrome specifically if I like them. If they don’t want to listen to me, I won’t argue – their punishment is self-inflicted.

Jesse: Well, it depends. I have a pretty basic test for how I would judge someone in this situation, which involves one question:  Are you eligible for Medicare (65+)? If yes, no judgment whatsoever. In fact, kudos for knowing what an internet browser is and for trying others before settling on Internet Explorer. All of that in and of itself is quite impressive. If no, you are not eligible for Medicare, then I’m judging the fuck out of you. I would need to know if they are a masochist or something of that nature, because I am pretty sure that being forced to use Internet Explorer is one of the circles of hell. But hey, if that’s what you like…good for you I guess. Have fun surfing the internet on MSN and using Ask Jeeves while you talk to your friends in an AOL chat room.

Sandeep: Why do objects with mass attract one another? It’s not like gravity must be a thing that exists. But then again, imagine life without it. How would anything get done if we didn’t have gravity as a stabilizing force? There might not be a universe, since this somewhat organized collection of objects of mass would otherwise be floating off into space. Without gravity could things as big as planets even exist? You see, you just can’t question the essence of these fundamental forces. There can be exceptions that challenge theories, and prevent theory from becoming law, but that’s exactly the point – those are exceptions. No one uses internet explorer unless they have to… why are we even talking about this?

Danny:  It’s actually not that bad anymore…Microsoft has done a pretty good job improving it recently.  So, I’d say there really isn’t a problem with them using it.  It’s cool.


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