Stop Exploiting Grandma

The commentary below is part of BLENDVERSE’s continued mission to serve social media justice, bring awareness to nonsense and represent the public interest. We thank you for your attention.

The status about a person who is not on Facebook or Instagram.  It is one of the more infuriating occurrences on social media.  When I say a ‘status’ about a person not on social media, I don’t mean a random status saying like ‘My mom got me Starbucks, I love her so much!’  What I’m talking about are those long statuses from people wishing their 94 year old grandmothers a happy birthday on social media despite the fact that their grandmother has never owned a computer and still has a rotary phone. The likelihood of her seeing that Facebook post is about the same as the chances of Ben Affleck being batman in real life.


So, why is this infuriating?  Because it’s irritating to watch someone use their grandparents for likes or internet attention.  You aren’t doing it for the likes, you say?  You just want to share your feelings with the world regarding your grandparents?  I’m calling bullshit.  Assuming that is actually the case (which again I have to say is a huge stretch), what is the point?  I see no realistic, rational way in which you sharing this does anything good for anyone but you.  Getting likes is fun, but going about it like this just makes you an ass.

Instead, why don’t you try dropping the laptop or phone, and actually spend some time with that person that you ‘care’ about so much and show them how much you care?  Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to get off my lawn or anything, but perhaps you should try expressing your feelings towards that person in real life rather than using them as an excuse for attention on social media.  It may not get you likes or favorites, but I guess you could just use your time with your loved ones to make them a social media account…

– Jesse Isleman, Social Media Justice Warrior

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